Saatva Mattress Review: True Luxury at an Appealing Price

Luxury Innerspring Design at an Appealing Price Point


In our Saatva Mattress review, we try to figure out why this product is so popular, especially considering the enormous amount of new, modern mattresses available today.

With so many memory foam mattresses being sold online today, fans of the innerspring style might feel a little left out.

There are good reasons to value the responsive support and cool-sleeping comfort that an innerspring mattress can deliver, too.

While it is easy to find thin, cheap innerspring mattresses that ship rolled up from online sellers, those looking for high-quality products sometimes have to do a little more research.

In this Saatva Mattress Review, we’ll take an in-depth look at one popular American-made, online option for buyers with a taste for luxury.

Luxury Sleep at a Much Lower Price

saatva-mattress-plainSaatva positions its family of mattresses as an $899 alternative to products that retail for $2,000 or more from brick-and-mortar sellers.

The company stresses that it delivers that much value by cutting out the middlemen, in much the same way that online memory-foam mattress sellers often do.

In this case, though, Saatva targets the higher end of the market, plainly aiming at more selective buyers who are willing to pay for a step up from the foam-based mattresses that have become so popular among younger shoppers.

What new Saatva owners can expect is a product that goes well beyond the two or three layers of foam, latex, or gel typical of the average online mattress purveyor.

In fact, Saatva’s design compares favorably in terms of sophistication and materials with the flagship products that normally command a couple thousand dollars or more at local stores.

High-End Coil-on-Coil Design Combines Support with Comfort

The simple, reliable innerspring has been used for decades (over a century!) to produce mattresses that provide excellent support, isolation of movement, and other comfort-enhancing features.

There are a number of ways to build on that basic appeal, though, and Saatva’s mattresses employ what is often regarded as the most effective.

The saatva mattress' labelAlso found in the most expensive mattresses turned out by companies like Stearns & Foster asking for much steeper prices, the coil-on-coil design sees hundreds of independently wrapped springs set atop a platform of coils that are effectively woven together.

With the bottom layer of interlinked springs providing a foundation that is both firm and somewhat yielding, the softer, isolated upper springs can conform even more closely to the body’s contours.

As might be expected, this is an expensive approach to mattress construction, which is why it is typically seen only in mattresses that retail for thousands of dollars.

This is one prominent way in which Saatva’s $899 asking price stands out from the start, and a good reason for the brand’s popularity among buyers who prefer this style of mattress.

Building on a Strong, Comfortable Foundation

Even the most yielding of innersprings would leave something to be desired if sleepers were forced to rest on them directly. Like other makers of high-end mattresses, Saatva builds on the basic strengths of this coil-on-coil design with several features that refine the overall experience:

  • An Integrated Pillow Top and Luxurious Cotton Cover – Most obvious of these will be the high-quality, organic-cotton cover and pillow top the mattresses ship with.
    As the nearest layer to the body, this portion is not to be overlooked, but it is one where less-capable designers often cut corners. Saatva goes all out in this respect, even taking pains to incorporate the pillow wadding into the actual structure of the mattress, instead of simply sewing the whole layer on later in a way that can contribute to bunching and shifting.
  • Effective Edge Support – As with certain other modern, luxury-level inner-spring mattresses, the upper coils are also encased with a generous layer of relatively dense foam.
    In addition to ensuring that bed occupants will never be feel the movements of the individual springs that support them, this hefty layer also beefs up the mattress’s edges.Whether when sitting on the edge of the bed for a moment in the morning or shifting that way during the night, support remains consistent and reliable across the whole surface of the mattress.
  • Memory Foam Further Smooths the Way – Finally, still another layer of foam between the upper coil casing and the pillow top, this time of the memory-infused variety, helps support the back naturally.
    That works out to a full five distinct structural elements dedicated to providing comfort and support, with each designed to complement the others.

Three Firmness Options and Top-Quality Support

Saatva offers this mattress design at three distinct firmness levels:

  1. The most yielding of these, known as “Plush Soft,” is directed at side sleepers and those who sometimes switch to their backs.
  2. The “Luxury Firm” model is in the middle of the range, meant to appeal to the largest audience, just like the mattresses at luxury hotels are. It is in fact the most popular model.
  3. Finally, the humbly named “Firm” model targets buyers who prefer not to sink into a mattress much at all, along with those who like to sleep on the stomach and those who need extra support for health reasons.

our saatva mattress review being set up

That $899 “entry fee” buys more than a high-end mattress with a sophisticated design. Saatva offers free delivery and setup with every purchase, along with removal of an old mattress.

The company also provides a generous 15-year warranty on its products, with replacement terms designed to avoid what its research found to be some of the most common complaints among buyers of competitors’ products.

Finally, Saatva also offers a 75-day trial period on all its mattresses. While some tend to view such pledges with skepticism, more than one independent Saatva Mattress review online has praised the responsiveness of the company’s support representatives regarding this and other matters, making a genuine trial a real, practical option.

A Green Mattress

The Saatva mattress cover is made from organic cottonThe Saatva Mattress is manufactured following the company’s “Green Initiative“. In short, they made the commitment to use natural and recycled materials as much as possible.

The result is that the external cover is made from organic cotton, the springs are made of recycled steel and the memory foam is produced using a safe, bio-based material.

This initiative increases the mattress quality and at the same time ensures that the environment is protected as much as possible.

Saatva Mattress Review: Our Conclusion

Saatva’s family of mattresses certainly represents an interesting proposition. With no other mattress on the market offering such high-end, sophisticated design and construction at this price point or close to it, those looking for the best would clearly do well to think about this option.

Even while it is often the sellers of foam-based mattresses who attract the most attention online, Saatva makes a very strong case for buying a luxury innerspring product that way, too. And with a price of just $899 for Queen size, it’s a very compelling case.