How To Find The Most Comfortable Mattress (Without Losing Sleep)

woman sleeping on a cloudGetting a good night’s sleep is critical to your overall health. There are few things in life that are as rewarding and feel as good as a restful night of quality sleep.

Basking in a relaxing, perfect night of restful sleep is dependent upon a whole lot of varied factors from your comfort level, how busy and challenging your day was, and your stress level to a satisfactory room temperature and, of course, the most comfortable mattress.

A mattress that delivers all the right elements that allow your body to become immersed in the beauty and comfort of a quality night’s sleep.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, then surely you have spent endless hours both online and in a number of bedding stores perusing through the dizzying lineup of countless brands and styles.

With so many types and designs of mattresses to choose from, is it any wonder that the average person finds it not only challenging, but remarkably frustrating and time consuming to try and purchase the perfect mattress to suit their individual sleep requirements.

Every consumer has the same troublesome thought and question in mind – how do I know which mattress is truly perfect for me?

To begin with, when selecting a mattress for your own individual sleep needs, the mattress needs to be able to support your body in such a way that your spine is properly aligned while sleeping as well as your head, shoulders, buttocks and heels. Everything needs to be properly aligned.

If a mattress is too firm, it will not provide relief and comfort to these pressure points in your body, but rather will push on them, taking your body out of alignment, and causing you much discomfort and restlessness throughout the entire night.

If, on the other hand, a mattress is too soft, then those same pressure points will not be appropriately supported at all causing your entire body to just flop back which ultimately leads to a very uncomfortable night’s sleep and a very achy start in the morning.

Statistics have revealed that the highest percentage of sleepers, therefore, tend to choose a mattress with a medium firmness and feel.

With all these thoughts in mind, let’s take a peek at the various types and styles of mattresses available on the market today and the benefits they afford as well as any drawbacks they may have, so that you can get a clearer idea of which could be the most comfortable mattress for you.

Memory Foam Mattresses

hand pressing memory foamMemory foam was first designed and developed in the mid 60’s and its primary use back then was for airplane seats.

It soon followed with a wide range of other uses, specifically as a type of cushioning in helmets and shoes, in prosthetics, and in various forms of seating pads.

Today memory foam has really made its presence known in the multitude of pillows, mattress pads and mattresses of varied densities and depths that are now available on the market. Made from a unique substance called viscoelastic, memory foam is top of the line soft and highly energy absorbent.

Memory foam actually molds to one’s body based upon two primary components – heat and pressure. The memory foam evenly distributes the sleeper’s body weight throughout the night, returning to its original shape once the pressure of the body weight is removed.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Memory Foam Mattresses

Indeed, there are many benefits to memory foam mattresses beginning with the simple fact that memory foam is highly energy absorbent and provides extreme levels of comfort.

A popular mattress of choice by couples, the memory foam mattress provides added comfort one needs if you have a partner that tosses, turns and fusses all night long.

With the memory foam mattress, your partner’s activities are not felt by you nor do they disrupt sleep on your side of the bed.

Studies have also proven that the memory foam is far more breathable than typical foam and tends to be cooler than the average gel foams again affording sleepers a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

With a unique body contouring feature, the memory foam mattress minimizes pressure and delivers yet even greater comfort.

In addition, though remarkably soft, the memory foam mattress can present with desired firmness and support levels because of the many density levels that are available making it much easier for consumers to enjoy the softness of memory foam while experiencing its firmness capabilities as well.

As is the case with all products, memory foam mattresses do present with a couple of drawbacks. For starters, since memory foam is activated by heat, it tends to be noticeably uncomfortable for sleepers sensitive to heat.

In addition, because of its chemical composition, the memory foam mattress can present with an unappealing odor at times, especially during the initial unpacking.

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Latex Mattresses

latex extracted from gum treeLatex mattresses vary greatly from memory foam mattresses in that they are designed, developed and constructed with either natural or synthetic rubber and latex foams.

Regarded and favored by many as the “crème de la crème” of all mattresses, latex mattresses are one of the highest rated and sought after beds overall.

Their unique design and structure offers a resilient support that provides relief of pressure points as well as natural support.

Latex material used in mattresses is eco-friendly across the board and contributes greatly to comfort levels and durability as well. 

Typically regarded as a healthy mattress of choice overall, consumers need be aware of the differences between natural and synthetic materials and be familiar with the Dunlop and Talalay development and manufacturing processes when determining which, if any, of the latex mattresses is suited to their individual sleeping needs.

Both styles offer sleepers a bouncy but firm feel evenly distributed throughout the bed, and contributing to a comfortable, restful sleep.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Latex Mattresses

The primary benefit of these highly favored mattresses is the fact that during manufacturing there is no use of harsh chemicals of any sort or petroleum products, thereby minimizing the risks of headaches, nausea, breathing problems, and skin irritations to the very sensitive sleeper.

Latex greatly protects against mites and mildew, is hypoallergenic and definitely contributes to a safe and clean sleeping atmosphere.

Because of its unique development process, latex provides superior airflow, which ultimately regulates the sleeper’s body temperature throughout the night and its state of the art structure presents with a strength and durability that contributes to its long life expectancy.

The drawbacks to the latex mattress are minimal. The typical feel of a latex mattress tends to be on the firm side, although there are some latex brands specifically designed and manufactured with a much softer feel.

In addition, latex mattresses are more difficult to find locally and are far more costly than other mattresses, but do tend to last longer and offer more attractive warranties.

Innerspring Mattresses

old innerspring baseAs most of us know, innerspring mattresses are very popular and account for near to half of the entire mattress market.

Though not typically offered by online stores because of the difficulty in manufacturing and shipping them, this popular style of mattress is purchased by more consumers every year.

The overall popularity of the innerspring mattress stems from the many firmness, comfort and support options it offers, the availability of the mattresses, the fact that they are very affordable, and the simple fact that the majority of consumers are more familiar with the innerspring mattress then they are the many new innovative styles and types of mattresses on the market today.

There are many factors that affect the overall quality of an innerspring mattress including the coil count and gauge.

However, many consumers are misled by the belief that innerspring mattresses with a higher coil count or a higher gauge are better than those with a lower coil count or lower gauge.

This is not always the case, there are, in fact, brands and styles of innerspring mattresses that present with a lower coil count and a lower gauge but a greater satisfaction and overall comfort rating.

Much of the comfort level delivered by the innerspring mattress is dependent upon the type of coils used in the manufacture of the mattress.

There are varied types of coils used in the innerspring mattress, but even with this said, the type of coil itself does not contribute 100% to its comfort, support and success, but rather the components of the rest of the mattress in conjunction with the type of coils is what contributes to the level of comfort, contour and support offered by a specific innerspring mattress.

Plainly put, the type of coils used in the construction of innerspring mattresses is not accountable, on its own, for the satisfaction rating nor the comfort level of the mattress.

The coils need to work alongside of the other mattress components, such as a memory foam top to the mattress, in order to present with a comfortable feel and satisfy the individual sleep needs of many consumers.

One of the most common differences found within innerspring mattresses is the top comfort layer used in the design and development of the mattresses.

There is a wide range of ‘toppers’ that contribute to the comfort of the springs and afford each innerspring mattress with a unique feel and comfort level.

Whether an innerspring has a slight latex top layer or a thick, very noticeable memory foam top layer, each contributes to the different overall feel and firmness of the innerspring mattress.

So, with this said, it goes to prove that the coils and gauge themselves are not solely accountable for the firmness, feel, comfort or support of an innerspring but rather the coils and gauge, in conjunction with the latex or memory foam top layer.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Innerspring Mattresses

A top of the line, quality innerspring mattress most assuredly can offer sleepers superior support and comfort.

The benefits of an innerspring mattress, especially those with a higher coil count and gauge equipped with a comfortable top layer of padding, come down to the simple fact that they offer relief to common pressure points such as the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs and heels, thereby contributing to the mattress’s popularity in the industry.

However, besides being affordable, widely available, romance and activity friendly, and offering varied levels of support and comfort, the innerspring mattress does have a fair share of drawbacks.

Though recognized as the most purchased mattresses on the market right now, consumers need be aware that a bad innerspring mattress, poorly constructed and without sufficient coil count, gauge count and comfortable top layer can certainly prove to be a truly ‘bad’ mattress.

A bad innerspring mattress can cause serious back problems, enhance already existing back issues, and result in potentially a terrible night’s sleep, night after night, week after week.

In addition, an innerspring mattress does not have the capability to contour to one’s body like that of a memory foam, gel memory foam or latex mattress which offers superior comfort, support, contour, and sleep levels.

Presenting with a much shorter life expectancy as well and a very low overall rating, the innerspring mattress surely presents with a significant number of important drawbacks as opposed to the latex, memory foam, or gel memory foam mattresses on the market today.

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Find Your Own Most Comfortable Mattress

If you are tossing and turning from your side, to your back, to your stomach all night long, then it’s obvious that your sleep needs are not being met and chances are it is definitely time for you to find and buy the perfect mattress for you.

Your mattress is supposed to provide you with a quality peaceful night of sleep, night after night, which is why it is so important for you to be familiar with the wide range of mattress styles, types, and designs available today.

happy family sleeping on the most comfortable mattressFurther, you need to take ample time to test your mattress, and not be hasty in your decision or purchase.

Your mattress is going to be a part of your every day and night for a lot of years, which is why researching, choosing, and purchasing the perfect mattress is an investment that should be made with the utmost of time, research and consideration.

When researching and looking to purchase your new mattress, it only makes sense to take ample time in your store visits to test out any mattress you are contemplating purchasing.

The overall purchasing process can be quite a challenge, and, at times, you may even feel as though you want to give up.

But keep in mind, patience is a virtue and not only being patient and diligent in your search and testing, but not being hasty is sure to benefit you in the end.

Laying down on a mattress in your typical sleep position, will contribute greatly to your decision-making process.

Though you cannot spend hours reclining in a store, the bit of time you take to get an initial feel for your mattress of choice, will certainly be beneficial when it comes time to make that all-important decision.

Keep in mind, sleeping atop the store mattress in your typical sleeping position mirroring that which you would do when sleeping at home, will definitely help you to choose and buy the most comfortable mattress for you and ultimately afford you a quality night’s sleep and a restful start to your every new day.

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