We Found the Very Best Memory Foam Mattress

Great memory foam mattress in a modern wooden roomWe just finished reviewing the most popular beds on the market today in search of the very best memory foam mattress, and here is our assessment.

Before the results though, we need to spend a couple of words about what we did and especially what we didn’t.

As opposed to virtually everybody else on the internet, we did not accept the manufacturers’ offers to give us a mattress to sleep on, as we believe that our opinion must be based on people’s real experiences, rather than our own judgement based on just a few nights of sleep.

Therefore, we asked our own customers’ opinion and we looked everywhere we could to find detailed reviews on specialized forums and consumer websites where regular people can voice their concerns and satisfaction without compromise.

Filtering out the beds with astronomical prices and those of very low quality, we considered in total 21 memory foam mattresses. Here are the ones we prefer.

The Big Winner As Best Memory Foam Mattress

Amerisleep revere mattress with guitarWith a rating of 95.7% in our assessment, the Amerisleep Revere ($1099) emerged as the best memory foam mattress on the market today.

The strongest points, as rated by users:

  • The firmness is just right
  • The choice of mostly natural and organic materials
  • Design and entire manufacturing process in the United States
  • Longest warranty of 20 years

The most common criticisms:

  • It isn’t as affordable as other good mattresses in the same category
  • Some people wish they could decide for a different level of firmness

The Runnerups

Loom & Leaf mattress in bed frameThe first runner up is the Loom & Leaf mattress ($999), which scoring 94.3% got very close to the top spot.

The main difference with the winner is the natural orientation of the material used, although the L&L is also known for its high overall quality.

In fact, this mattress is the second success story of the Saatva company, which manufactures one of the most popular innerspring mattresses, bearing the same name. Saatva has been around for several years and is considered one of the pioneers of the direct-to-consumer approach.

Tuft & Needle mattress boxesThe second runnerup is the Tuft & Needle 10-Inch ($600) mattress, which scored a healthy 91.2%.

The lower figure comes mostly from a slightly less consistent satisfaction level across our sample, and a good part of the positive opinions revolves around a very good balance between price and quality.

As a matter of fact, this mattress is usually compared with the premium brands in terms of quality even if it costs a good 25% less then its competitors.

The Other Memory Foam Mattresses Worth Considering

While the rest of the 21 mattresses are simply “too ordinary” for us to get excited, the following 5 deserve to be mentioned and might be serious contenders for a top 3 spot in the future.

We like the Bear Mattress ($850), as they took the courageous decision to address the the athletes’ market rather than casting the widest net possible as most of the other manufacturers usually do.

nice room with memory foam mattressThey are pretty new, but they started with the right foot and their reputation is solid. We just learned that a growing number of professional athletes speak positively about this mattress, so we are happy to keep a close eye on them for developments.

The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Select ($1199) is gaining more popularity thanks to its simple proposition of using good natural materials and by the fact that they operate a series of stores in several major cities, where people can actually try the mattresses.

The fact that the manufacturer is a family owned and operated American company founded in 2011 is also a plus in terms of reputation.

We were surprised by the Eve Mattress ($849), which has just landed in the US after a very successful debut in the United Kingdom. We found very upbeat comments all over and it was very hard to find a handful of less-then-stellar reviews.

The company’s founders have sold more than 75,000 mattresses in their careers and are confident to know exactly what is needed for the most comfortable sleep. The market seems to agree with them, and this mattress didn’t make the top 3 simply because the number of qualifying US reviews is too low at this early stage.

The Lull Mattress ($800) jumped from being relatively unknown to very popular following an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, where it it was praised extensively. Our research confirms that such praise is well deserved, since the vast majority of the reviews we analyzed ranged from positive to enthusiastic.

Modern interior with best memory foam mattressThe company’s founder stated that he decided to revolutionize the mattress industry after he got incredibly frustrated during a shopping session. Pushy salesmen, worn down trial mattresses and hard to understand specs drove him to create a much better experience for the buyer, and from the results we see he got it right.

The Tempur-Contour Supreme ($1699) can’t be ignored, although it lacks the interesting features of the more modern models. Tempur is the memory foam pioneer and over the years it’s been able to deliver reliable quality products without compromise. The main factor playing against its score is the constantly high price, which today isn’t fully justified anymore.

If the other mattresses aren’t in the top 3 yet striving to improve, this mattress is unfortunately on the way out of this selection altogether, as its time is long gone. We expect the next update to include some other newcomer on its place, featuring some new exciting features and a more favorable price/quality ratio.

If you aren’t 100% convinced about these beds, have a look at our Best Innerspring Mattress guide and our updated Top Mattresses of 2016 guide for other ideas!

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses Compared

The following table summarizes the key information. Our rating includes many factors such as the ratio between praises and complaints, the satisfaction degree and the number of adverse reports related to customer service and the overall experience. The list price is for the Queen size, which is usually the middle of the model range.

Ranking Mattress Our Rating List Price Trial Nights Risk-Free Warranty
1 Amerisleep Revere 95.7% $1099 100 yes 20 years
2 Loom & Leaf 94.3% $999 75 yes 15 years
3 Tuft & Needle 91.2% $600 100 yes 10 years
4 Bear 88.5% $850 100 yes 10 years
5 Alexander Signature 86.6% $1199 100 yes 20 years
6 Eve 85.1% $849 100 yes 10 years
7 Lull 84.8% $800 100 yes 10 years
8 Tempur-Contour Supreme 82.1% $1699 30 no 10 years


This short articles captures the essence of countless hours of research across tens of different sources. Sometimes the job is tedious while some other times is outright funny.

The only thing that matters is that we are able to help our customers and their friends in this very difficult selection process. If this article has been of any help and if you agree or disagree with our selection of the best memory foam mattress, please leave a comment below!

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