The Best Innerspring Mattresses Today

The best innerspring mattress in a classy bedroomWe just completed another extensive review of the most popular beds on the market today in search of the best innerspring mattress, and here is our assessment.

Before the results though, we need to clarify what we did and most importantly what we did not.

Instead of doing like all those “expert” review websites, we didn’t ask vendors to give us a free sample to try as we firmly believe that our own (and anybody’s) personal opinion based on a few nights’ sleep is totally worthless.

On the other hand, the opinion of people who bought a mattress and slept on it for several months and has had a real interaction with the manufacturer is much more telling. So that’s what our objective: find as many reliable reviews as possible and assess what the actual users really think.

To get there, we asked our own customers and people in our network to comment on the mattresses they sleep on. In addition, we dissected several serious forums and specialized consumer websites, reading thousands of unbiased reviews.

We threw out the suspicious looking ones (both positive and negative) and we looked for a series of elements that could allow us to give a grade to the mattress that was being discussed. Excluding low quality beds, the too extravagant and the too unknown ones, we looked at 15 mattresses in total. The following is our selection.

The Winner As Best Innerspring Mattress

the Saatva innerspring mattressWith a rating of 96.2% in our analysis, the Saatva Mattress ($899) jumped to the top as the best innerspring mattress on the market today.

The most positive points, as shared by actual users:

  • Combination of innersprings and memory foam, the best of both worlds
  • Very high quality materials internally and externally
  • Affordable price for the degree of quality
  • Great customer service

The most common criticism:

  • The warranty could be longer, although we couldn’t find anyone who filed a claim yet.

The Saatva mattress is already very popular so this result probably won’t come entirely as a surprise. The company has been around since 2011 and is one of the very first to sell online directly to consumers.

We had a hard time finding negative reviews and the few valid ones were mostly about personal preference rather than objective complaints. We also hear that the return rate is the lowest in the industry, confirming the overall customer satisfaction.

These are important elements that allowed this mattress to be crowned as the best innerspring mattress in our analysis.

The Runnerups

Helix Sleep innerspring mattress customization tagThe closest contender is the Helix Sleep mattress ($900), which scoring 91.9% surprised everybody. Not because we didn’t think it was good, but because it’s already so widely recognized as a very qualitative product.

The key feature of the Helix Sleep mattress is its flexibility, as it can be easily customized by the buyer through a simple questionnaire. It can even be customized differently for the two sides, if it’s meant for two sleepers.

Similarly to Saatva, this mattress combines innersprings (actually micro-coils) with memory foam, but it also adds a layer of latex. These components are then arranged in different ways to achieve the desired customized feel. Pretty unique at this price point.

Ultimate dreams pocketed coils mattressThe second runnerup is DreamFoam Bedding’s Ultimate Dreams mattress ($581) in its pocketed coil version, which scored a strong 90.3%.

DreamFoam earned a solid reputation over the past few years thanks to its memory foam products, entirely manufactured in the US and offered at an accessible price.

One of the most important points that allows the company to offer lower prices is the fact that its mattresses are sold exclusively through, cutting the point of sales’ costs further.

The success encouraged the company to try their hand at manufacturing other mattress types. This mattress features an interesting combination made of a pillow-top of gel memory foam supported by 750 pocketed quality coils.

The Other Innerspring Mattresses

Of the 15 mattresses we analyzed, only the above 3 had strong-enough reviews to catch our full attention. The others are either the same old story, or aren’t enough popular for us to find enough reliable opinions.

In fact, the innerspring mattress market is still dominated by the old-school brands like Simmons, Serta and Sealy, which haven’t brought much innovation over the past decade.

We are closely watching a number of newcomers in this space, and as soon as there will be enough information available, we’ll add them to this guide.

If you are not really sure about the mattresses above, have a look at our Best Memory Foam Mattress guide or at our overall Top Mattresses of 2016 guide for other ideas!

The Best Innerspring Mattresses Compared

The table below is a summary of the key information. The rating scale we built is made of many elements, such as the balance between positive and negative comments, the number of different complaints, the satisfaction with customer service, and many others.

Ranking Mattress Our Rating List Price Trial Nights Risk-Free Warranty
1 Saatva 96.2% $899 75 yes 20 years
2 Helix Sleep 91.9% $900 100 yes 15 years
3 Ultimate Dreams 90.3% $581 30 No 10 years


The indicated price is for the mattress in Queen size at the time of publishing. Clicking on it will bring you to the vendors’ page where you can see the current one.

“Risk-Free” refers to the trial period: if it’s positive, it means there is no cost whatsoever if you return the mattress during the trial period. If negative, there might be charges such as restocking, return shipments, etc…


It is hard to distill everything we saw in just one short article. As you can imagine, reviews can be cryptic, emotionally charged and sometimes surreal, so it isn’t easy sometimes to capture the essence and quantify it in a crude ranking figure.

So we truly hope that our efforts will be of help for our customers and readers who are looking for the best innerspring mattress, as that’s the reason we do this.

If this article has been of any help and if you agree or disagree with our selection of the best innerspring mattress, please leave a comment below!

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